• Chloe Plett

Meet our New Intern


I’m Chloe Plett and I am going to be working as the pastoral intern here at the Bridge Church for the next four months. Before we start the summer, I thought I would give a brief introduction to who I am, what I am going to be doing and what I hope to gain from this opportunity.

The first thing you should know is that I have a huge passion for leadership and am fascinated by all the skills and knowledge that go into creating healthy, Christ-centered leaders. There are many factors that went into nurturing this interest of mine but as I was reflecting on my journey as a leader, I realized that it was my early involvement at the Bridge Church that lighted this fire for me. This began when I became a vocalist on my dad’s worship team at ten years old and continued evolving from there. I am incredibly grateful for how this church has nurtured and helped me grow. One of the reasons I am so excited for this internship is because I hope to give back to this community by serving in a variety of new roles this summer.

An example of this is that I will get the opportunity to lead a worship team which has been a goal of mine for many years. Music is also one of my biggest passions in life and I am hoping to apply my knowledge and skills in this area in a new way that will both challenge me and serve the church body. This role will also help me grow as a leader, I look forward to partnering with my team and cooperating with each other to worship together.

Something God has been teaching me over the last year or so is that Christ-focused leadership looks like servitude. A favourite Bible story of mine is when Jesus washes his disciples’ feet. What I find so powerful about this image is that after he finishes, he commissions them to do the same. Jesus says in John 13, “Now that I, your Lord, and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” There are so many roles in church leadership that embody this approach to leadership as servanthood and sacrificial love. I am looking forward to how my involvement at the Bridge this summer might reinforce this lesson in new ways for me. In my experience, God can use every moment as a learning opportunity so I am stepping into this summer with an open mind and eagerness to see what he might want to teach me.

I’m confident and excited that this internship is the right next step for me in my journey towards Christ-focused leadership. If you want to know more about anything that I mentioned, I would love to connect with you! Please feel free to reach out, you can contact me here

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