MATTHEW 6:9-13

 Psalm 121, Matthew 6:11

Kids ministry Sunday March 22nd. The Lord’s Prayer: Asking

We’re learning that asking for help is part of prayer. 

  •         Watch “Carl’s Big Adventure.” Link to video

1.    Why was it such a big deal that Carl didn’t ask for help?
2.    What did it cost him to try to do things on his own?
3.    What could it cost us if we try to do things without God’s help?

Silly Carl flew all over the world—which takes a lot of time and money—because he didn’t ask for directions to Bill and Violet’s house. He learned a big lesson about asking for help! We may not end up in Russia or Thailand when we forget to ask God for help, but we could end up doing things the hard way when God wants to help us. That’s why asking for help is part of prayer.

Bible Study
Supplies: paper, markers or crayons, flashlight (phone app is fine), something that will block the light of the flashlight (cardboard, coaster etc). 

Today we’ll find out that asking for help is part of prayer. Prayer is when we talk and listen to God. So whenever we talk to God, we can always ask him for help. Let’s look in the Bible to find out how Jesus prayed.

One time Jesus shared with a crowd of people how he talks to God. Listen to this. Read Matthew 6:9-13. Have you heard this prayer before? Where?

We’ve been learning about this prayer for a few weeks. We’re looking at each part of the prayer to find out all the things Jesus talked to God about. This week, we’ll look at the part where Jesus said, “Give us today the food we need.” In this part of his prayer, Jesus shows us that asking for what we need is part of prayer.

It’s easy to think that our food comes from our parents or the grocery store or the school cafeteria. But we have that food only because God provides it! When Jesus prayed this prayer, he was just setting an example. Food is one thing we can pray for, but he was showing that we can pray about anything we need, because asking for help is part of prayer. Using a piece of paper have each family member draw a circle to represent a plate and then draw a picture of something they would like to ask for in prayer. This is a great time to gently discuss the difference between a need and a want. 


  • Family Question: What did you draw on your plate and why? Have you asked God for it?

  • Family Question: Tell about a time you asked God for help. 

 You can talk to God anytime you need help. Asking for help is part of prayer. Listen to this. Read Psalm 121:1-2. This says our help comes from God, the one who made the whole world! 


  • Family Questions:  Why do you think it’s a great idea to ask God when we need something? 

  • Family Questions: What’s something that hard for you to do?

You can ask God for help with those hard things. Asking for help is part of prayer. God might give you strength to keep going, or he might send you a person to help you.

 Let’s see some other things we can ask God for. Read Psalm 121:5-6. The Bible says God will protect us from the hot sun. (Shine a flashlight on the family) That's pretty bright, isn't it? (Move the cardboard in front of the flashlight so the family are shaded from the light). Look at how this cardboard protects you from the bright light. God protects us like that. 


  •        Family Question: Share about a time you needed protection. 

  The Bible says God protects us, and we can ask him for protection when we talk with him. He might send us a person who can help keep us safe, or he might protect us in a way that we can’t even explain. Let’s look at one more way God’s watching out for us. Read Psalm 121:7-8. We can ask God for help when we face something scary or dangerous.
       Family Question  What’s something you think is scary? 

God is always watching over us, and he’ll keep us from harm. The Bible says God watches out for us wherever we go! The next time you’re scared or nervous, you can ask God for help and he’ll hear you. Here is a song to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star to learn and sing together. You can even make up some actions. 
            I can ask God for my needs.
            He is watching out for me!
            Doesn’t matter where I go.
            He will find me high or low.
            I can ask God for my needs.
            He is watching out for me!

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