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10 Great Things to Check Out at The Bridge This Fall

It’s hard to believe that what has been called the best Manitoba summer in decades is coming to a rapid close. The leaves have already started to turn on some of the trees around the city, the kids are returning to school this week, and the routine of life that summer brings such welcome disruption to has returned. But with the advent of Autumn also comes an exciting new season of ministry and activity at the church; here are 10 things that you will NOT want to miss this fall at The Bridge:

  1. Prayer and Healing Service I highlighted this quickly this past Sunday at the end of the service but in case you missed it, we are holding our second quarterly corporate prayer service in conjunction with our second annual healing service this coming Sunday, September 10. Last year I wrote a pretty thorough treatment of why you should come forward to be healed (which I’ll link to here) so I want you to ask yourself if God is leading you toward asking for prayer and anointing this coming Sunday. But it’s not just the healing ministry that’s being offered, we also want to pray a prayer of commissioning and blessing on our healing professionals. Whether you work directly in medicine, patient care, medical services, mental health services or any other healing field – we want you to know that as a Christian your vocation is part of your calling. The ministry of healing doesn’t just happen when the elders anoint and pray for people, it happens every day when followers of Jesus live out their vocation to the glory of God. So, if you work in those fields (and you are not working on Sunday) please plan on being in the service to receive a special blessing from the church.

  1. Welcome Back BBQ Because we are starting the year with our prayer and healing service on the 10th, we have pushed back our annual Welcome Back BBQ until September 17th. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to stay for some great food and fellowship following the service. Families with surnames beginning with A-L are asked to bring a dessert to share, and families with surnames beginning with M-Z are asked to bring a salad to share.

  2. Friendzone And on that first Sunday we will be diving into an exciting new teaching series that we have called “Friendzone: The Art of Building Lifelong Relationships” where we will track the arc of God’s plan for human relationships and using examples from the scriptures, look at how we can learn to be better friends to each other and the world around us in the way that Jesus calls us friends. This is a series that you will not want to miss! Our first message, “Brides, Bros, and B.F.F.s” will take place on September 17, with the series carrying on for the five weeks to follow.

  1. Small Groups Return And while we’re on the topic of developing lifelong relationships, have you considered joining a small group? Registration begins this coming Sunday and groups will begin meeting the first week of October. Small groups are one more great way to not only dive deeper into the scriptures and lessons on the Christian life, but to get to know people in your church family and develop deeper relationships than you can on a Sunday morning. Check out the sign-up lists at the Got Questions Kiosk beginning this Sunday for more information.

  2. International Encounters We’ve already had a chance to welcome back our very own international worker Lois Franklin to her home assignment a couple weeks ago, but later this fall we will have the chance to hear from her about her ministry and what God has planned for her continued kingdom work in the future. We are also going to have the privilege of having our other seamless link partner David Durance joining us this fall, live and in-person to talk about his continued work in the Asian Spice region. Keep watch for more details in the coming weeks, but you will want to hear what these faithful workers have to share!

  3. Defend Dignity Reveal Conference This November we are also very pleased to be co-hosting Defend Dignity’s REVEAL conference which deals with the pervasive problem of pornography in our society and its connection to personal brokenness and human trafficking. Sessions will be split between Cornerstone Alliance Church (November 11) and The Bridge Church (November 12), and at The Bridge you can select break-out sessions on topics like parenting and porn, the effects of porn on relationships, and new for this conference – women and porn. Best of all, this conference is absolutely free to any who want to attend, just pre-register online so that we can get a feel for numbers.

  4. New and Improved Church Library You may have noticed some work being done around the facility this summer. Usually our faithful maintenance volunteers are busy with, well, maintenance-y things, but this year we cast a vision them for something bigger and they have risen to the challenge. Beginning September 17, the first thing you are going to notice is our new and improved church library. We have spent the summer going through our collection and paring it down to the absolute best of the best books that we can offer and are excited to present our newly-curated collection in a brand-new space just off the main church lobby. The library is now better, more accessible, and ready to serve you with current and relevant books across many genres. Be sure to check it out and keep on reading!

  5. New Meeting/Conference Room The second change that you may notice (or may have already noticed) is our new meeting room/board room which is located across the from the nursery and mailboxes. This summer Pastor Chris gave up his office to create a beautiful new main floor meeting space that is both bigger and better than what we had before. This new space will be used for a good number of events in the future, but one thing you can already use it for is our Sunday morning pre-service prayer ministry. Everyone is invited to join a short prayer time every single Sunday starting at 9:45. Why not make plans to show up to church a little earlier and spend some time praying for what God wants to accomplish. Imagine the difference it would make if you did!

  6. More #ClergyCoffeeHour Do you like coffee? Do you like dropping in on your pastor for an impromptu chat? Do you like it even more when your pastor pays for your drink? Well then you are going to love the continuation of #ClergyCoffeeHour this fall! The popular summer activity is being built into the regular fall schedule with Pastor Chris making himself available every week at The Daily Grind (3043 Portage Ave) on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday Mornings. Everyone is welcome (you don’t even have to drink coffee).

  7. More communion Lastly, beginning September 17, we are taking our worship service to the logical next place based on what God has been doing in our midst. Beginning that Sunday, we will start celebrating communion every week. You will hear more about our rationale on a future blog, but the simple reason is that Jesus commands us to remember him in this meal, and it is by this meal that we recognize his presence amongst us, and by that same meal that we are able to best extend spiritual hospitality to each other and the world. Your pastors and elders are excited to be able to offer this to you and we trust that it will signal the beginning of a renewed season of spiritual vitality in our congregation.

So, there are 10 great reasons that you’ll want to make sure that you’re plugged-in at The Bridge this fall. But those 10 are only the beginning, why not make a commitment to journey with us for a season to see what else you might discover!

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