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VBS Over The Years

There is nothing worse than a case of writers block, especially when a fast approaching deadline is just around the corner. As I sat with my laptop open and a blank page before me, nothing with clear certainty was coming to me. All I knew was that I wanted this blog to leave the reader genuinely excited for Vacation Bible School (VBS) and why it is so important. I tossed ideas around in my head about what angle to take with this blog, such as; “Why churches should do VBS? Why should children attend VBS? Why it is important to get involved in VBS?” The only way I could possibly answer all of these questions, and really have you hear the answer is to share our experiences and how God has blessed and grown this ministry far beyond what I ever could have imagined.


Five years ago, a seed was planted and God placed a desire in a couple gals heart’s to do something more for the children in our church and community. That seed and desire saw fruition in Vacation Bible School in July 2013. It had been many years since The Bridge Church had done VBS, and even though it was new for us and we were going in with little experience, when God placed this desire in our hearts and we listened, we held onto faith and knew he would guide us. VBS has been around for well over 100 years, is held at many churches across the world, and has transformed millions of children and adults. At Kingdom Rock we may have started small, with a half-day program and 17 kids, but we stood strong and little did we know the amazing things God had in store for The Bridge Church and what was to come.


The following year we made some changes to our program to expand to a full day, and our numbers almost doubled, with 30 kids coming to Wilderness Escape VBS. This is the year we had many more children from community join us, and the great thing is we have seen this children come back year after year and some are now coming back as Crew Leaders this year. How amazing is it that children in our community love coming to VBS so much that they want to come back and help lead other children?! VBS is a great outreach tool for churches, and it has the potential to welcome families to our congregation. As we continue to offer VBS each year we work towards bringing both our church and community together.


Every year there is so much time and hard work put into the planning, preparation and execution of VBS. There are days of frustration, exhaustion, maybe some tears and a moment or two where I would ask myself, “Am I going to get through this?” At the end of the week, our team and volunteers are all tired and need some much deserved R&R. Every year there will always be things that come up or different challenges along the way, but this year we learned that with God’s mighty power we can conquer those challenges. This is the year we received a grant from Green Team Manitoba to hire two people to help prepare for VBS. God blessed us with 50 children and one of those children made it ALL worth it, not just for myself but for the team of volunteers. At one of our stations, called KidVid Cinema, where we watch a video of children and their stories. This particular day the video was about 3 brothers who were in foster care and had been praying for a family that would take them all, so they would not be split up, and God provided that family for them. After we watched the video one of the girls in the group stood up and shared how much this was like her story and how she could relate because she too had been praying for a family and turns out she was recently adopted! God answers prayers!


At Cave Quest VBS we learned to follow Jesus, the light of the world. VBS allows us to be the light to those in our church and in our community. Outside of Sunday mornings, small groups and gatherings, VBS is the chance for both children and adults in the church to spend quality time together, learning and experiencing the gospel and it gives us the chance to reach those in our community who may not know Christ. At Cave Quest we had well over 20 children out of 75 either give their lives to Christ for the first time or re-commit their lives to him. VBS has blessed all those involved and leaves everyone with memories for a lifetime, and new and lasting friendships and relationships. To me there is no better memory that I can take from VBS than one where the kingdom of God grows bigger, and a child makes the choice to live for Christ.


This summer is going to be a big one! We have planned for 100 children and are well on our way with 86 children already registered. With this many children walking through The Bridge Church doors in just a few weeks, I am proud to say that our church has realized more than ever that this is an all-in, all-hands-on-deck ministry. We have a strong and wonderful team of just over 30 people this year, from Crew Leaders to Station Leaders to Handy Helpers. At The Bridge Church one of our core values is Intentional Cross-Generationality and VBS gives us the opportunity to come together, young and old to reach the next generation. We come together as one big family, unified and ready to serve Christ!

Our vision for VBS and Family Ministries at The Bridge Church has far surpassed what we ever could have imagined. Every year we pour our hard work, time, energy and our heart and soul into VBS, and although there may be times where we make assumptions about if it would all be possible, we are reminded every year that we serve a big God and with Him, nothing is impossible! VBS is a time to set aside what we always do, dream big and ask God, “What would you have us do?” Jesus made it a point to minister to and disciple little children, and VBS is a great opportunity that provides us with a fresh vision of why we should too. Can’t wait to see what big and wonderful things God does this year! Please continue to pray for the children and volunteers and that God would do amazing things in the hearts of each and every one of them.

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