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Meet Your VBS Green Team: Part 3

Let's continue with the third installment of our VBS series and introduce you to Adele Akerley.

Hi everybody, my name's Adele and I'm happy to be a part of this year's green team. Many of you may know me from Sunday school or past years of VBS. This will be my fourth year being a crew leader at VBS and second year as a part of the green team. I've spent my whole life at The Bridge Church, starting out as a baby in the nursery and working my way up. Then came the time where I hit the end of grade 6 which marked the end of Sunday school and the beginning of "big church". Like every kid, I wasn't too excited to have to sit in a chair for a couple of hours and try to pay attention to and understand what was being preached. Now, my dad has been a Sunday school teacher since, I think, before I was born, so sometimes I'd decide to go volunteer up with him. I wasn't officially a volunteer at that point but I instantly felt drawn to working with kids and helping them through their journey with Christ. I have been a volunteer in Sunday school ever since and that eventually lead to me being a crew leader at VBS and applying for the green team. I love music, and always have. So in my free time I enjoy teaching myself how to play different instruments and different songs. I have played the piano, clarinet, ukulele, djembe, alto saxophone and guitar. I also have a fascination with different languages. I love learning new ones and am currently fluent in English and French, but also have worked on Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Bosnian/Serbian.

My first year at VBS was 3 years ago for Wilderness Escape. Although I had never really been in that kind of a leadership role before, I loved helping the kids discover Christ in fun, new ways and helping them start to develop a relationship with Him. The first two years, I was too young to apply for the green team but as soon as I was old enough I sent in my resume, had my first interview and got my first job. I was so excited to be able to create the environment in which the kids would learn and grow, and to help plan fun activities. As much as I hated the tear down at the end and watching all of our hard work on decorations go away, the experience was something that I'll always remember. Seeing the turnout of kids and how many accepted Christ made it all worthwhile. These were just a few of the reasons why I applied for the green team again this year.

This year, I'm most looking forward to having the opportunity to bring the kids to God, through being a crew leader but also through the work and preparations put into the stories and activities. Not only that, but to be able to watch the kids and young crew leaders mature in their faith and as a whole. I'm also excited to be able to show all of the team's creativity through decorations and preparations, and to be able to grow together. The friendships created at VBS are something I'll never forget.

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