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It's okay to not be okay

It’s okay

If you’re not okay

If you cry when you’re supposed to smile

If the signs of the season, and the warmth of the occasion feel a little less than they should

It’s okay

If you’re not okay

If you want others to leave it alone

Because you don’t know how to make small talk about this

If you don’t want to have to answer another question about how you’re coping

If you want to forget about it for a day and think about other things

It’s okay

If you’re not okay

If you’re embarrassed by your emotions

If you’re surprised by your grief

Or your anger

Or your indifference

If you find it hard to be happy for others

Or to keep your envy in check

It’s okay

If you’re not okay

We all play a different part in the symphony of sorrow

And we relish the times when someone else has to carry the melody

But when your time comes the orchestra does not leave

Rather the conductor leads us to build harmonies, and rhythm, to support your song

We make music together and God makes beauty out of our brokenness

So it’s okay

That you’re not okay

Because none of us are really okay

Today might be your turn but it will be mine tomorrow

We can be okay another day

But today we can just be

#MothersDay #Grief #Poetry

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