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December 16th, 2019.

5 months 22 weeks 156 days

That is how long it has been since I last entertained anyone for #ClergyCoffeeHour. It has been a long, cold winter of discontent. But as with all winters, the spring brings new life and renewed hope for the season ahead. The same is true both literally and metaphorically for my weekly times of visitation with my congregation.

The winter of Covid-19 is starting to give way to the springtime of reconnection. Many activities are still prohibited for the sake of public health and safety, but cracks are forming in the framework of social isolation and physical distancing that are letting some light through. It is no longer as taboo for a small number of people to gather for social visit with appropriate precautions and distancing—especially if the visit happens outdoors. There are opportunities that lay ahead of us that were not available even a few short weeks ago, and that brings me hope that although we are still a long ways off from large worship gatherings, that perhaps we can start to reconnect in small ways as the people of God. Ways that don’t require us to spend any more time in front of a wall of video chat windows.

And as the pandemic waning and bringing a thaw to isolation, the weather is doing its part as well. Providing a comfortable climate for outdoor gatherings, and warm sun to making visiting that much sweeter. For those who still feel uncomfortable breaking the seal on their homes, and letting people inside, there are opportunities to use porches, patios, decks and back yards as the locus of a renewed social framework.

To that end, I am inviting you to come and spend some time with me on my back deck. Come and catch up and let me know what has been going on in your life over this long winter. Come and drink coffee, tea, or a cold beverage in the sun with your pastor and start the process of reconnecting. #ClergyCoffeeHour has been a hallmark of my ministry practice or a lot of years, and I am eager to share it with you once again. The Daily Grind remains closed for the foreseeable future (although you can and should support local business and get some takeout from there if you’re in the area), so I cannot sit around the coffee shop waiting for you. I also cannot risk multiple groups showing up at the same time as I have neither the seating capacity, nor appropriate distancing space for a larger group of people on my

deck. So, for the next while, #ClergyCoffeeHour will be by appointment only. But I will be making available hourly timeslots every week on Wednesdays (unless prohibited by weather) going forward until we can do something better.

To reserve a spot on the deck, simply send me a text, or contact Esther at the Church office and she can pencil you in.

Because 3744 hours is too long to go without connecting. So, you are cordially invited to drop by my home, and spend an hour on the deck catching up.

See you in the sun, Chris

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