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Understanding What Makes Us Flourish

Life. Vitality. Hope. Possibilities.

For a couple of years now our district leadership has been encouraging churches to get on board with this new project out of Ambrose University to study church congregations in Canada with the aim of developing a dataset that is uniquely Canadian (as opposed to the heavily-American data we are usually forced to use) in order to learn about what makes congregations flourish in the Canadian context. For a couple years now, largely due to change and uncertainty in our own circumstances, I have resisted taking on this initiative but last week at General Assembly I used one of my seminar electives to attend a presentation by the Flourishing Congregations Institute team and am now ready to dive into this project with our congregation.

With this survey as one piece of a larger vision, we believe that as the Flourishing Congregations Institute and congregations collaborate around common interests – to see congregations/parishes, neighbourhoods, and Canadians flourish – we collectively benefit.

Please take 20 minutes to fill out the online survey here. Encourage those you know in the church to do the same. And do so with the confidence that no one in our church will have access to individual responses.

We are hoping for 50% or more of our adult attenders to fill out the survey. With strong survey involvement from those in our congregation, we will receive uniquely helpful information about our own congregation that we can use as we seek to flourish and faithfully minister in our particular context.

Fill out the survey in the next month and be entered into a draw for an iPad, $50 Amazon gift card, or travel costs to attend the Flourishing Congregations Summit on November 26, 2018 in Calgary at Ambrose University.

Thanks, in advance, for completing this survey! I’m excited for us to learn more about ourselves, and to contribute to this important research for the Canadian Church more broadly.


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