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Pastor's Picks - September 2018

It's hard to believe that the summer is already gone! And while it's never long enough to get done everything you want to do, it was long enough this year to get through a significant volume of reading and reviewing to prepare to share some great books with you this fall. Here, are my Pastor's Picks for the month of September, as usual, you can find these books in the church library.

Everything Happens for a Reason (And Other Lies I've Loved) - Kate Bowler

Kate is a southern Manitoba girl who made it big in academia and is now teaching at Duke Divinity School. Her field of expertise is studying the prosperity gospel and it's effects on the church which was the topic of her first critically acclaimed book "Blessed." Little did she know when writing about this topic that she would have to wrestle through her own desperation for healing and "blessing" with a sudden and unexpected battle with Stage IV colon cancer. This book is a memoir of her (ongoing) journey of living with the weight of knowing that she's dying and trying to relate to God in the midst of the struggle. It's a powerful and emotional read and one that really forces you to evaluate what your faith is based upon. Warning: you will cry if you read this book. But it's worth it in every way. The Apostle's Creed - Ben Meyers

If you want an easy to read book to use for a month as a devotional guide, or perhaps as something to work through with your family for a short daily study - then look no further than this fabulous little volume by theologian Ben Meyers. Taking the ancient credal confession line by line, Meyers writes short little explanations of the history and theological significance of this short but ever so dense confession of our faith. Especially for those of us in a tradition that doesn't recite the creeds on a weekly basis, knowing that our doctrine and theology still trace their history back to these documents is super important. And understanding what the first teachers of the faith professed is enriching for our faith today. Don't let the subject matter fool you into thinking that this is a dry, academic treatise - quite the opposite. This book was written with lay people in mind, and no formal theological education is necessary to get value out of this book. Why not give it a try. Check back next month for some fresh picks!

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