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Pastor's Picks - February 2018

Now that the Library is back and better than ever on the main floor, it’s time to enact my master plan of getting people to use it!

(insert maniacal laugh here)

I’m launching a new monthly feature on the blog and in the library called “Pastor’s Picks.” It’s going to be a bit of a book club (without the inconvenient meetings) where I share with you 2 or 3 great books in the church library that I’ve read and think you should too! I’ll do my best to keep the groupings thematic, but I won’t promise anything. When you read a really good book you can’t always wait for an appropriate time to share it.

(or is that just me?)

Either way here are the three inaugural pastor’s picks for the month of February:

Jesus and Money - Ben Witherington III

There is no time like the beginning of the year to talk about money. It’s the time when you renew your budget (hopefully), do your taxes (probably), and set goals for the year to come (you should really be doing this!). And while I’m already leading a small group on the topic this semester (Thursday nights beginning February 8th – it’s not too late to join up), there are other great resources out there to help us realign our relationship with wealth. One of them is this volume by New Testament scholar Ben Witherington III. In it, he outlines what Jesus’ relationship with money was, and what he exhorted his followers to do with the money they had (or didn’t have as the case may be). It’s not a how-to guide about anything financial, but it’s an examination about how our relationship with money should look in light of our relationship with Christ. A fantastic, informative, and accessible volume that would be a benefit to anyone. The Holy Wild - Mark Buchanan

We’ve talked at length already this year about Jesus calling us out into the wilderness to meet with him. Whether you take that literally or metaphorically, the idea that we need to get away from the trappings of our busy and distracted modern life to meet with God and discover how untamed He is, is a message we need to hear. If you were willing to meet with God on His terms and not your own, how different would your perspective of Him be? This is a book that will force you to wrestle with those questions and more. A great resource for helping your reframe your plans for meeting God this year.

Jesus wants to save Christians - Rob Bell and Don Golden Have you ever wondered what the principles of Exodus have to do with our relationship to our culture today? Well I’m hoping that you’re getting some of that in the sermon series this winter. But for another take that examines the ideas of slavery and empire and exodus in light of the world WE live in today. This imaginative and evocative study by Rob Bell and Don Golden might just be what God wants to use to open your eyes to how entrenched you are in this culture and what sort of bondage you need exodus from. I know that Rob Bell has gone in some strange directions in recent years with his work, but this is one of his earlier books and one that your pastor has vetted and given his stamp of approval to, so don’t be afraid of the name. There you go. Three thought provoking books to start the year, and three more reasons to check out our new and improved church library. Located on the main floor across from the Got Questions Kiosk.

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