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Like a good neighbour...

Over the course of the next week you might notice a flurry of activity around the church that you are not used to seeing. This is by design.

One of the core values that God led us to build around following our 2015 relaunch was the core value of Indiscriminate Hospitality. That is the idea that we seek to welcome and accommodate before we judge, before we correct, and even before we exhort. One of the implications of that principle though is also how we make our facility available to the community to be used for purposes that align with our values.

This week we have one such opportunity before us. The SOAR Heartland Missions Team is an experience being coordinated in part by our friends at Westwood Community Church. It's an opportunity for young people from across the prairies to gather together over Spring Break for a 10-day discipleship and training experience. Hundreds of young people will be descending upon Winnipeg this week to take part and we have been asked if we could help out by giving some of these urban missionaries a place to sleep.

So over the course of the next 10 days our normally quiet building will be a hub of activity and life and we ask that if you come across some of these young people in the course of your regular church activities that you do your part to make them feel welcomed and at home in our building. And if you remember, you can also be praying for them and for the experience that God wants them to have this week. That it would be formative and challenging in all the right ways. Ultimately, this is Kingdom work that is going on, and even though it's not our congregation, or even our denomination that is doing it, it is the work of Christ. So like a good neighbour, we want to be here for them!

Thanks for being awesome church,


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