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The local church is the visible expression of God’s presence in the world; it is God’s chosen instrument for reaching the lost, establishing his Kingdom and transforming creation. As a result, we contend that identifying with a local family of believers is a significant step in the life of any who choose to follow Christ in discipleship. At The Bridge Church we have five core values that guide our fellowship, and by entering into membership you are stating that you are in agreement with these values. 


  • We are committed to trinitarian worship
    This means that everything we do at The Bridge is done as worship to the Father, through the Son, in/by the power of the Holy Spirit. Another way of saying this is that we are intentionally and unashamedly, evangelical, sacramental, and pentecostal in all that we do.

  • We are committed to intentional cross-generational community
    Through our intense focus on Family ministries, and through our core belief that the church does not exist in isolated demographic slices, we practice intentionality about bringing the generations together to worship, serve and grow as the body of Christ.

  • We are committed to practicing discerning prayer
    More than simply being a people of prayer, we are committed to being a community that listens to the voice of Jesus and discerns and acts upon the will of God as the primary means by which we transact business as a church. Discernment is a skill that has merit for every disciple and so we seek to integrate it into our regular pattern of worship.

  • We are committed to indiscriminate hospitality
    We welcome people into our fellowship because Jesus welcomed people into his. It is not the healthy that need the doctor but the sick. And so, we recognize and embrace those whose lives do not conform to the standards of polite Christian culture trusting that as they encounter Jesus through the church that he will transform them into whom he wants them to be by his Spirit.

  • We are committed to practicing discipleship through transparency
    At The BridgeChurch we do not want to be a comfortable place to hide and not grow. As such, we are committed to a radical experience of transformational transparency in all of our conversations and gatherings. While everyone is welcome to join us and worship with us, we are comfortable with challenging people to grow and are prepared for the awkwardness that sometimes brings.

I understand and am in agreement with the core values of The Bridge Church _________


The Bridge Church also belongs to a larger family of churches in the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. As a part of the C&MA we are participants in, and subject to the guiding principles, values, and rules of the larger body, including, but not limited to, the local church constitution, the statement of faith, and policies enacted by the General Assembly of the C&MA in Canada. To be a member in good standing at The Bridge Church means to submit oneself to the policies and authority of the denomination of which we are a part.


I understand and submit to the constitution, statements and policies of the C&MA in Canada  _________


The Bridge Church is not a building or an institution, but rather it is a body of believers. As such, membership in such a body necessitates participation in the life of the body. This means that to be a member in good standing is to commit to the body life of the church through faithful attendance at worship, faithful giving through tithes and offerings, and faithful service within the church body. It also requires that members actively submit to the authority of the shepherds (pastors and elders) that God has made responsible for the care of this congregation.


I understand and commit myself to be a full and active participant in the body life of The Bridge Church. _________


The amount I plan to give at The Bridge Church this coming year (Lord willing) is: $________________



The ministry I plan to serve in at The Bridge Church this coming year is:  _________________


As a member of The Bridge Church, I also understand that my choices and behaviours affect the other members of the body and the reputation of Christ in our community. Those who choose to be members choose to hold themselves to a shared standard of righteousness and will be held accountable for both immoral behaviour (words or actions that harm the witness of the church) and divisive behaviour (words or actions that harm the unity of the church).


I understand that as a member I will be held accountable for my behaviour and choices. _________


As a member of The Bridge Church, I understand that being a member is not a rank I attain or a status I arrive at, but a commitment to being on a journey of discipleship with my fellow members. As such, I accept the challenge to follow Jesus more closely today than I did yesterday, and more closely tomorrow than I do today. My goal as a member is to become the best version of whom God created me to be and to help and encourage others to do the same.


I understand and pledge myself to a life of ever-increasing Christ-likeness and spiritual maturity  _________​

This page is meant for reference purposes only. For the official document, please download and print off the 2020 Church Membership Covenant, or try out our new online application form below.

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