Kids Ministry Week 3- Sunday, April 5th.
Palm Sunday : Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-40; John 12:12-16

Today we’re learning about the time Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. People praised Jesus because they realized that Jesus is the King! 

Ask: Close your eyes and imagine the scene of Jesus riding into Jerusalem. What do you see? What do you hear?


  • Watch “Small People Productions”


  1. How did this production compare to what you pictured?

  2. What did you think of the rubber chickens?


There probably weren’t rubber chickens on Palm Sunday. And I’m pretty sure a giant dog…er…colt…didn’t try to eat Jesus! But people did praise Jesus and put their coats on the road to treat him like a king. And we can do the same because Jesus is the King!

Bible Study

Supplies: Bible, “Crown”(dress-up or homemade paper one is fine) and coloured paper or tissue paper.

Pass the Crown

Today we’ll learn that Jesus is the King. Let’s think about what kings are like.( As you ask the following questions, have children pass around a crown, and let them share their thoughts when they’re holding the crown).


  • What kinds of things do you think kings wear? Help children think of ideas, if needed. For example, kings wear purple or red clothes, they wear big robes, and they wear crowns and jewels.

  • What do you think a king’s house is like? Help children think of ideas, if needed. For example, kings live in castles, their houses are very big and beautiful, and they have people who do their cooking and cleaning for them.

  • What things would a good king do? Help children think of ideas, if needed. For example, kings lead, make rules that help people, and make sure people’s needs are taken care of.

Say: Today we’ll learn that Jesus isn’t like other kings. He’s our King, and he’s a really good King. He’s actually King of the whole world! We’ll hear what some people did for him when he went to their town. They did some special things for Jesus to show that he’s the King.

Put the crown on your head, and then share one thing you might want people to do for you if you were a king.


  • If you were a king, what would you want people to do for you? Have each child put the crown on his or her head while sharing. (If you’re uncomfortable having kids share hats, then just have them hold the crown in their hands.)

Act It Out

Say: Let’s hear now what people did for Jesus, the King. Show the Bible. The Bible tells us what happened: Jesus was walking with his friends. Have the children pat their legs to make a walking sound. They were going to a city called Jerusalem, which was a special place for God’s people. Jesus told two of his friends to run ahead of the rest of the group and look for a donkey. He said, “Untie the donkey and bring it back to me.” He told his friends to tell anyone who asked that the donkey was for Jesus. So the two friends did what Jesus said. Have the children pat their legs quickly to make the sound of the two friends running ahead of the walking group.

Say: When Jesus’ friends found the donkey, they untied it. But the donkey belonged to someone else. That person saw Jesus’ friends and asked, “Why are you untying my donkey?” Jesus’ friends told the person, “It’s for Jesus!” Then they took it back to Jesus. Have the children pretend to be donkeys by crawling on all fours. Lead them around the room, pretending you’re taking them to Jesus.

Say: Jesus’ friends put some of their clothes on the donkey’s back to make a soft place for Jesus to ride. Then Jesus rode the donkey into the city called Jerusalem. Remember, the people did some special things for Jesus to show that Jesus is the King. They had a parade for Jesus!

Have a Parade

Say: Let’s have a parade right now. The Bible says that the crowds of people put their clothes and big leafy branches on the road to make a nice path for Jesus to walk on. Let’s make a path for Jesus. Have kids tear pieces of green, brown, and purple crepe paper and spread them on the floor to make a path all the way across the room.

Say: Now we have a nice path for Jesus. The Bible says the people crowded around Jesus, too. Let’s line up on the sides of the path. Lead the children to line up along the sides of the path they made.

Say: People cheered for Jesus! They said, “Hosanna!” That was a way to cheer for someone really special. And they waved the big leafy branches. It was like a parade where Jesus was the star because Jesus is the King! Give each child a piece of green crepe paper about 5 inches long, and let the children wave the streamers around. Lead them in alternating shouting “Jesus is the King!” and “Hosanna!” as they wave their streamers. Let each child take a turn pretending to be the donkey that carried Jesus to Jerusalem. The “donkey” will crawl down the path while the other children wave their streamers and shout “Jesus is the King!” and “Hosanna!”

Say: There were a few people who didn’t think Jesus should be called the King. Earlier, we talked about things kings wear, where kings live, and what kings do. Jesus is the King of the whole world, but Jesus didn’t live in a fancy house. And he didn’t wear fancy clothes. He looked just like everyone else. That’s why some people couldn’t tell that Jesus is the King. But Jesus let them know that he is the King of the world. And when people learned that he really is the King of all, they couldn’t help but cheer for him.


Cheer Praises to Jesus

            Say: Let’s do a cheer now to let everyone know that Jesus is the King. With children still standing along the sides of the path, lead them in cheering and doing the motions to this cheer.

            Hosanna, Jesus! (wave green streamers/any colour paper)

            King Jesus! (point up)

            We know this one thing! (show one finger)

            You are the great King! (put hands on hips and nod)


            Hosanna, Jesus! (wave green streamers/any colour paper)

            King Jesus! (point up)

            You are the best! (push hands up toward ceiling)

            Better than the rest! (put hands on hips and nod)

            Repeat the cheer several times so the children can learn it.

Say: Jesus is such an amazing King! Let’s tell others about King Jesus this week so they can be friends with him, too.

Power of the Scepter

Supplies: 2 white plastic disposable plates, 5 cotton swabs, clear liquid dish soap, cup of water, pepper, paper towels, large bowl.

Easy Prep: Dip 1 of the cotton swabs in the dish soap so one end is well-coated. (Don’t let the other cotton swabs touch the cotton swab with the soap.) Place all 5 cotton swabs on a plastic plate, but make sure to keep track of which one has soap on it.

Watch Pepper React to Soap


Gather children around you at a table.

Say: Today we heard how the people of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus as their king. Let’s think more about what that means as we do something fun.


Pour the cup of water onto the empty plate. Sprinkle a large amount of pepper onto the surface of the water. (Keep paper towels close by for spills.)

Say: When I say that Jesus is the King, that means Jesus is really powerful. I have an idea. Let’s see if we have anyone powerful here today. I’ll test several of you to see who has power to get this pepper to move without touching it with your hands.


Show the cotton swabs on the plate, and hold up a dry one.


Say: Often a king has a special stick to hold. It’s called a scepter. A king holds a scepter to show he’s in charge and he has the power to tell people what to do. Jesus doesn’t need a scepter—he doesn’t need anything to make him powerful. But we’re not powerful like Jesus is, so we’ll need to use these tiny scepters to move the pepper.

Choose one child to go first. Give that child a plain cotton swab off the plate. Have the child gently touch the surface of the water with the cotton swab, without stirring the water. Encourage the rest of the group to notice that nothing happens. Then have three other children also do the same thing with the plain cotton swabs, each time noticing no major changes.


Say: I don’t see anyone yet who has the power to control the pepper. I guess we should try one last time. Choose one more child to dip the soap-covered cotton swab into the water. Kids will notice that the pepper quickly moves away from where the cotton swab touches the water.

Say: Wow, had had power with that scepter.

Pour the pepper-filled water off the plate into a bowl to dispose of later.


Talk About It


  • What did you think when the special scepter made the pepper move

Say: Only one scepter could move the pepper. It was the only powerful one. Like that, Jesus is the only real powerful King. He’s not like other kings, so he doesn’t need anything to help him be powerful. Jesus is the King of the whole world, and he’s the most powerful person ever. He’s powerful enough to give you everything you need. And he’s powerful enough to take care of you always.


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