Kids Ministry Week 8- Sunday, May 10th.
God's commandments - The Sabbath

Lesson video:

  Ask: • Which day of the week seemed like the best day to you in this video?

            • What’s the busiest day of the week for our family?

            • What’s your favorite thing to with our family?


 Say: This family knew that we have a special day for God. Every Sunday, they paused their busy schedule and spent time together and with God. It seemed like they had a lot more fun being together on Sunday! That’s how great it can be when we have a special day for God.

Bible Story:

Act Out Creation

Say: Over the last few weeks we’ve learned about God’s commands. God’s commands are things he tells us to do that help us have the best life. 

In the Bible, God showed us how to have a special day to rest. When God made the whole world and everything in it, he worked for six days. Then on the seventh day, he stopped and looked at the wonderful world he’d created, and he rested. Let’s think more about that. I’ll need your help. Do motions with me to show how God created the whole world.

•    On day one, God made the heavens and the earth. And he made light so there was day and night. Make an “O” shape above your head to show a round world.
•    On day two, God separated the waters on earth from the waters in heaven so that there was a sky in between. Make waves by moving your arms up and down.
•    On day three, God made dry ground and all the plants. Reach your hands above your head and sway back and forth to show a tree or other tall plant.
•    On day four, God made the sun and the stars. Show a rising and setting sun by making an “O” above your head, then lean to the left and make an arch motion by moving to standing position and then over to the right.
•    On day five, God made the fish and birds. Touch your thumb to your fingers on the same hand to make an opening and closing mouth.
•    On day six, God made all the animals and us—the people! Stand with your legs wide and your hands on your hips.
•    After God finished making his whole creation, he rested on the seventh day. He’d worked really hard, and he wanted to sit back and enjoy his creation. Lead kids to sit down and recline.
Say: God said the seventh day was holy, or special. And he says we have a special day for him, too. It’s a day we rest and spend time with God. God says work is good—he worked six days in a row to make the world. And God says after you work, take some time to rest, too.  When we work and play hard all week, it’s good for us to stop and sit back like God did on the seventh day. And when we do, we can remember that God is our friend. One way we rest and spend time with God is by coming to church each week. Whenever we rest and take time to think of God, it’s a good thing.

Bible Verse

Exodus 20:8 Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.

Object Lesson:

Supplies:  Beach Ball or balloon

Say: Each morning, we wake up rested and full of energy like this ball is full of air.  Then we work and work (let out some air) and play and play (let out some air), and we run out of energy.  Even if we’re having fun staying busy, it can still leave us tired and feeling floppy like the ball.

Say: When we rest and spend time with God, it fills us back up! Help each child take a turn filling the ball. As each child has a turn, have him or her tell a way to rest, such as taking naps, looking at books, listening to favorite praise songs, or snuggle time with a parent.

Say: Look what rest did for the ball! All those restful things filled it up!

Ask:  What did you like about playing with the ball after it was filled up?

Say: There was more joy and fun when the ball was filled up. That’s like us when we’ve rested and spent time talking with God—we’re filled up with joy and energy. That’s why we have a special day for God every week.


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