Kids Ministry Week 5- Sunday, April 19th.
God's commandments - Worship God

Video – Puppy Priorities

Say: We’re learning that we put God first. It’s okay to like other things, but God should come first.  Let’s see what happens when some animals make their favourite things to do their top priority—more important than anything or anyone else.


  1. What was the problem with Peanut’s, Biscuit’s, and Shadow’s priorities?

  2. Peanut, Biscuit, and Shadow rearranged their priorities. What would it look like to reprioritize your life to put God first?

Say: Rowley said it’s okay to have things we enjoy, but when we start being too focused on those things, it’s not good. When we give too much time and attention to something besides God, that’s worship. But we put God first and worship only him.

Bible Lesson

Supplies: “God First” handout (download here) large sheet of paper, yellow marker, tape, crayons

Use large sheet of paper to make a street on the wall. Use a yellow marker to draw lines on the sides of the road and a dashed line on the center of the road. Keep the road for the next few as we go through God’s Commandments so kids can add a new street sign each week.

Say: Over the next few weeks, we’ll be learning God’s commands. Those are things God tells us we must do to keep us safe and healthy. Driving on a road makes me think about safety. Since we’ll be learning about God’s rules that keep us safe and healthy, we’ll add street signs to our road. Street signs tell us the right thing to do to keep us safe, too.

Give each child a “God First” street sign.

Say: This week we’ll learn God’s command that says we put God first. This street sign points up to remind us we put God first. That means he’s number one and we make him most important above anyone or anything. Have kids color their street signs, and then direct them to tape their street signs along the side of the road.

Bible Verse:  Exodus 20:2-3

I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.  You shall have no other gods before me.

Object Lesson:

Supplies: Socks, doll, doll clothes, blanket, story book

Ask: • What do you do every morning after you wake up? Share some of your routine.

Say: Usually we do things in an order. We wouldn’t get dressed for the day and then take a bath. That would be silly! Let’s try doing some things out of order.

  • Give each child a sock to put on over one of his or her shoes. Invite kids to share what it feels like to have socks on the outside of their shoes.

  • Have kids work together to wrap a doll in a blanket and then try to put its clothes on it. Invite kids to share what it was like to do those things out of order.

  • Read a story backward to kids. Invite kids to share what it was like to listen to the story being read backward.

Say: It feels funny when we do things out of order, like putting on shoes first and then socks. We’ve learned from the Bible today that we put God first. If we don’t put him first, then everything in our day is out of order. We can put God first in lots of ways, every day: when we pray and thank God before we eat, when we go to church and when we tell God we love him.


Pray, asking God to help the kids understand what it means to put God first.

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