Kids Ministry Week 4- Sunday, April 12th.
Easter Sunday

Prep ahead of time

This week your family will follow clues to find different stations around your house. You need to create four easy stations from things you find around the house. You can print out the clues here and place them at the appropriate station, or you can read them from your phone or tablet as your family finds each station. Here are the four stations, you can make them anywhere in your house. 

  1. A Hill - pile some blankets, towels or pillows to make a “hill”.

  2. Bucket of water- If you don’t have a bucket you can use a large cup or other container.

  3. Pile of rocks near to a door- You can use scrunched up pieces of paper instead of rocks.

  4. A calendar with a few Easter treats hidden nearby- if you have a family calendar in your house you can leave it in its regular place for your family to find.   


Easter Sunday

Tell your family we are going on a treasure hunt today! Here is the first clue! It’s from a guy called John who wrote part of the Bible. 

Clue one: 

“Dear Friend,

Something amazing has happened, and I have a special surprise for you! I wrote about it in my book called “John.” Follow my clues to find out what happened and to celebrate with your special surprise!

Here’s your first clue: Look on top of the hill.

Love, John “


Guide your family with hints to find the hill you made in the house. 

Clue two:

You found the hill! Jesus was taken to the top
of a hill where he died on the cross next to two criminals. Jesus wasn’t a criminal—he never did anything wrong, ever. Jesus chose to die so we can be forgiven for all the wrong things we have done. My friends and I were so sad about Jesus’ death. Share about a time you were sad.

We cried so much about Jesus’ death that we might’ve been able to fill a bucket with our tears.

   Guide your family in searching for the bucket or cup of water. 

Clue three:

You found the bucket! After Jesus died, one of his friends, Joseph, took his body off the cross and brought it to a tomb. That’s like a cave, and it’s where they used to put people when they died. Joseph wrapped Jesus in some cloth and put him in the tomb. Share about a time someone took good care of you. What’s something you take care of?

When we had finished placing Jesus’ body in the tomb, the guards closed the door.

Guide your family in searching for the door and discovering the pile of rocks.

Clue number four:

You found the door! But this cave didn’t have a door like we use today. The opening of the tomb was closed with a big rock! And then Jesus’ friends went home. On Sunday, Jesus’ friends came back. What are some things we do on Sunday?

What day is it today? Look for a calendar to find out!

Guide your family to the calendar. 

Clue Five:

You found the calendar! When Jesus’ friends went back on Sunday, Jesus’ body was gone! And an angel told them, “Jesus is alive!” Jesus died, but he came back to life! That’s what we’re celebrating at Easter! One way I love to celebrate is with a special treat, so I’ve left one for you. I also like to sing, so I hope you’ll have a great time singing and celebrating that Jesus is alive!




We celebrate Easter because Jesus is alive! Jesus died for us so we can be friends with God. That’s worth celebrating! Let’s enjoy our snacks while we watch this weeks video. After the video discuss which parts of this story show the way it really happened and which parts were the kids imagination? Older kids can look up the story in the Bible and compare to the video. 

Craft Idea:

Make cards with a cross on the front and “Jesus died for you” on the inside. You could make the cross using tissue paper and glue, markers, paint, craft sticks- whatever you have around the house. You can then encourage children to share the good news of Easter by sharing the cards with friends and neighbours. Don’t’ forget to post a photo on social media and tag the Bridge Church, we would love to see them!

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