Kids Ministry Week 13- Sunday, June 14th.
God's commandments - Jealousy



- Bible

- people figures (1 for Jospeh, one for Jacob and some brothers, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have 12). You could use little people figures, lego figures or anything else you have around. 

- toy animal

- small, brightly colored felt squares, fabric or tissue paper

- if you want you can also use this “wheat” hand out and “sky” hand out to act out Joesphs dreams.

Act It out!

Say: Over the last several weeks we’ve learned about God’s commands. God’s commands are things he tells us to do that help us have the best life. This week we’ll learn that God says we’re not jealous. Listen to this. Read aloud Exodus 20:17. 

Say: That means we don’t wish we had other people’s things. So we don’t wish we could take other people’s toys, snacks, or anything else. Let’s listen to a Bible story about some brothers who were jealous. I’ll need your help to tell the story. As you work you way through the lesson, have the kids act out the story with the figures. Joesph can move closer to Jacob because he is the favourite and use the fabric as his coat. 

Say:  The Bible says there was a daddy named Jacob, and he had a lot of sons. 

Jacob’s youngest son’s name was Joseph. Joseph was Jacob’s favourite son. Joseph helped take care of his family’s animals. The brothers took care of the animals, too, but Joseph told his dad when his brothers did bad things while they were taking care of the animals.

One day Jacob gave Joseph a beautiful coat. 

Joseph’s brothers got jealous. They knew their dad loved Joseph most, and they were jealous because he got a special gift. The brothers will say “Humph!” Joseph’s brothers weren’t nice to him.

One night Joseph had a dream that he and his brothers were tying bundles of wheat. Joseph told his brothers about the dream. In it, his wheat bundle stood up. Then Joseph told his brothers that all their wheat bundles bowed down to his wheat bundle. It was like the dream was saying Joseph would be king over all his brothers. The brothers will lay their wheat bundles on the ground around Joseph.

Joseph’s brothers were jealous of Joseph. The brothers will say “Humph!” The brothers hated Joseph even more because of his dream.

On another night, Joseph had another dream, and he told his brothers about this dream, too.


Joseph dreamed that the sun, moon, and stars in the sky bowed down to him! 

Say: Joseph also told his dad about this dream, and his dad said, “Why would you have a dream like that? Do you think your whole family will bow down to you?” Joseph’s dad wondered what the dream meant. 


Talk About It

Say: God commands us not to be jealous of others like Joseph’s brothers were. God knows it

hurts us. Let’s think of some times we might be jealous and how we can try not to be jealous.

Lead kids through the following examples, and then have kids act out motions to help them practice doing the opposite of being jealous.

Maybe we see a cool toy our brother or sister has. Instead of being jealous and wanting it for ourselves, we can thank God for some of the cool toys we already have. Invite kids to pretend to share some cool toys they have. Instead of being jealous, we can be happy we have some great toys and that our brother or sister does, too!

Maybe a friend got a special cupcake for his birthday. Instead of being jealous and wanting it for ourselves, we can tell our friend “Happy birthday!” and think of a favorite treat that we can have on our birthday. Invite kids to celebrate that it’s someone else’s birthday. Instead of being jealous, we can celebrate our friend’s birthday and look forward to the treats we’ll have when it’s our own birthday.

Maybe someone else gets to be the line leader. Instead of being jealous and wishing we were the line leader, we can try to be the best followers! Invite kids to share what they might do to be good followers. They might say they’ll stay in the line, they’ll stay facing forward, or they’ll march like the leader does. Have kids line up. Lead kids around the room, and have them practice the things they shared. Instead of being jealous, we can help our friend be a great leader by being great followers


Discuss and Watch “Gift’s Story”

Say: Today we’re learning that we’re not jealous. Jealousy is when we’re more focused on what

others have than what we have. When Joseph’s brothers were jealous, it hurt their own hearts, and it hurt Joseph.

Ask: • Tell about a time you wanted something you didn’t have. Share your own example first.

Say: It’s okay to want things, but when we’re focused on wanting what other people have, that’s jealousy. Let’s watch a boy named Gift who doesn’t have very much but isn’t jealous.

Watch “Gift’s Story.”

Ask: • What do you have that Gift doesn’t?

• What did Gift have to be jealous about?

• Why do you think Gift wasn’t jealous, even though he didn’t have what the other kids had? Say: We’re not jealous. Whether we have a lot or a little, we can be thankful for what we have

instead of comparing ourselves to others. We’ll be much happier!

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