Kids Ministry Week 11- Sunday, May 31st.
God's commandments - Don't Steal

Lesson video:

Watch “Noah’s Story” video

            Say: We’re learning that we don’t steal. But sometimes it’s hard to know what’s really stealing.

            Ask: • If you find money on the ground, should you take it? Explain.

            • What did you think about Noah’s choices in this story? What about Jared’s?

            • How would it have hurt someone if Jared had kept the money?

            Say: We don’t steal. Even though Jared wanted the money, keeping it meant a kindergartener couldn’t afford a book at the book fair. Taking from other people is selfish. Instead, we can give generously.


Bible Story

Supplies: Bible, “Jesus Anointed at Bethany” handout (1 per child) (download here), markers or crayons, foil, cooking oil, bowls, paintbrushes (1 per child), clear candy bag, candies (at least 1 per child), ribbon, bowls



·       Place the candies in the clear candy bag and tie off with ribbon.

·       Put a small amount of oil in bowls for kids to access.

           Have kids sit in a circle.


Say: Over the last few weeks, we’ve learned about God’s commands. God’s commands are things he tells us to do that help us have the best life. This week we’ll learn that God says we don’t steal. That means we don’t take things that aren’t ours.

            Show the Bible.


Say: The Bible tells about someone who was not obeying God’s command to not steal. Give each child a “Jesus Anointed at Bethany” handout. Let’s use these pictures to help us learn what happened in the Bible story. 

            It was six days before a very important celebration, and Jesus traveled to his friend Lazarus’ home. Point to the handout. Pretend this is Lazarus’ home. 

            Jesus ate a special dinner at Lazarus’ home. Let’s add Jesus and his friends to the table. Use markers or crayons to draw Jesus and his friends’ faces around the table.

            Say: Jesus’ friend Martha served the food. Have kids draw food on the center of the table and on the table in front of the faces to show they ate different kinds of food.

            Say: Next, Jesus’ friend Mary got a fancy bottle of her perfume and put the perfume on Jesus’ feet. She used her hair to wipe the perfume on his feet. Give each child a paintbrush, and have kids feel the brushes. These brushes are soft like hair. Have kids dip the brushes in the oil and rub the oil on Jesus’ feet poking out from under the table.

            Say: One man at the dinner was named Judas. Judas got angry that Mary poured her fancy bottle of perfume on Jesus’ feet. Give each child another smiley face sticker. Have kids add “Judas” off to the side of the table, and have them use markers to change the smile into a frown on Judas’ face.

            Say: Judas said to Mary, “You wasted it!” Judas said the fancy perfume could’ve been sold and the money from it given to people who need money. 

            Give each child a piece of foil, and have kids rip it into smaller pieces to make “coins” or money. Have them put the money on the table.

            Say: It’s a good thing to give money to poor people, but Judas just pretended to care about people who are poor. Judas was in charge of Jesus’ friends’ money, and he sometimes stole some for himself. Have kids move the coins they made next to Judas, the frowning face sticker.

            Say: Jesus said to Judas, “Leave Mary alone.” Jesus explained that Mary put the perfume on his feet for a good reason. Jesus cared about the poor, but he knew that bottle of perfume had a special purpose. Jesus also knew that Judas was a thief, and God commands us, “We don’t steal.” We don’t take what’s not ours. It’s not good for us, and it’s not good for the people we steal from.


Play a Version of Hot Potato

            Say: Let’s do something to remind us that we don’t steal. Have kids and parents gather in a circle. Show kids the bag of candy. This is my bag of treats. Don’t they look very yummy? I bet everyone wants one. But we don’t take what’s not ours. We don’t steal. Let’s pass this bag around our circle in a game. You might want to take a piece, but don’t steal.

            Explain that you’ll play a version of Hot Potato. Kids will sing the following song and pass the bag around the circle. When the song stops, whoever is holding the bag can ask you for a piece. Remind kids not to “steal” by holding on to the bag during the song or by taking any pieces from the bag without getting permission from you, the owner of the candy. Teach kids the following song to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and begin the game.


            God commands us, “Do not steal,”

            “Do not steal,” “Do not steal.”

            God commands us, “Do not steal”

            What’s not ours.


            Continue as time allows, or until every child has gotten a piece of candy and it’s all gone.

            Say: God says, “We don’t steal.” In the Bible story, Judas took money that wasn’t his. But we don’t take what’s not ours. If we’re at the store, we can ask Mom or Dad for something, and if they say “yes,” then they’ll pay for it. Or if we’re at a friend’s home and we see yummy cookies on the counter, we can ask for one nicely, because we don’t take what’s not ours. We can also wait for others to share with us, because we don’t steal, ever!


Object Lesson

Supplies: sponge, plate with water


  Say: Today we’re learning that we don’t steal. Stealing can hurt feelings and can take away something that someone else really needs. Let’s play with some sponges to see what we can do to make things right if we take something that doesn’t belong to us. 

·       Then kids can place their sponge pieces in the water and watch as the sponges soak up the water, causing the water to disappear from the plates.

            Ask: • Whoa! What happened to the water?

            Say: The sponge stole the water from the plate! Sponges are very dry, and when they’re put in water, they’ll soak up as much as they can hold. They take and take! But sponges can also give back what they take. 

·       Have kids pick up their sponges and squeeze them until they can’t get any more water back onto their plates.

·       Allow kids to repeat the process a few times.


Talk About It

            Say: The sponges stole the water, but the water wasn’t gone. When you squeezed your sponge, the sponge let go of the water and gave it back. That made things right again. 

            Ask: • What can you do if you take something from a friend?

       Say: We know we don’t steal, but if we ever do take something that doesn’t belong to us, we can make things right by giving it back.

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