Kids Ministry Week 2- Sunday March 29th.
The Lord’s Prayer: Forgiveness (Matthew 6:12-13; Psalms 51)

We’re learning that saying "sorry" is part of prayer. 

  •         Watch “Party Pooper” video with adorable puppies Biscuit and Peanut


  1. What do you think is the worst thing Biscuit did to Peanut?

  2. Rowley said, “God says we can ask for forgiveness and make things right.” How does it feel to know you can always get God’s forgiveness?

  3.  If you were Peanut, would you have forgiven Biscuit? Why or why not

 Biscuit ruined Peanut’s birthday party. But he was sorry, and he apologized to Peanut. Peanut forgave him right away! You know, God will always forgive us, too. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done, God is always ready to forgive us. Saying “sorry” is part of prayer so that we can make things right with God.

Bible Study

Today we’ll find out saying “sorry” is part of prayer. Prayer is when we talk with God. We can tell God we’re sorry anytime. One time Jesus was teaching a group of people how he prays. 


  • Read Matthew 6:9-13


We all have to say we’re sorry sometimes, like when we hurt someone or disobey.

  • Family Question: Share about a time you said you were sorry to someone.


God doesn’t want us to do wrong things, but sometimes we do. All of us do wrong things. But when we say we’re sorry to God, he forgives us. Wrong things hurt us and others. Because God loves each one of us, he doesn’t want anyone to be hurt. That’s why we say “sorry” to God when we pray.


 Sin can make us feel weighted down.  When we do something wrong, it can make us feel sad or down. Usually we feel bad inside when we do something wrong, even if we don’t want to tell anyone.

Object Lesson:

Give each child a rock or something heavy. Have kids walk in a circle, each holding the rock in the outside hand with arm stretched out. Say: At first we might think the wrong thing wasn’t a big deal, but the longer we carry it around—the longer we don’t say we’re sorry to God or to the people we hurt—the heavier it is. Lead kids in continuing to walk in the same way, each holding a rock stretched out from his or her body. Turn on a joyful song as kids do this. After about 20 seconds, say: This is a great song, but I’m distracted by holding this rock. I feel like I can’t celebrate and really enjoy the song while I’m carrying this “sin” around. Continue until kids are asking to put their arms down. Have everyone put their rock down.


•               Family Question:  How do you feel now that you don’t have to hold that rock anymore?


Family Prayer:  Think of something you did that you knew was wrong. Say you’re sorry to God because you know he loves you and because when God forgives you, he helps you let go of that weight. Demonstrate an example by saying you’re sorry to God and then putting your rock on the ground. Lead kids to say they’re sorry to God for something wrong they did and put their rocks on the ground.

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