This church shall be called The Bridge Church and shall bear the corporate name of The Bridge Church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada, Inc. (the “church”).



The church shall be governed by and these by-laws shall be subject to the Local Church Constitution as may, from time to time, be revised and amended by the General Assembly of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada (the “Constitution”).



1. Historical Membership Roll
A Historical Membership Roll shall be kept of all members and classes of their membership, past and present, of the church.


2. Application for Membership

The Board of Elders (the “Board”), or their designate, is responsible to interview all applicants for membership and in addition to considering the qualifications for membership as specified in the Constitution, when approving any application for membership, the Board shall exercise such discretion as it deems appropriate in the circumstances.


3. There shall be three classes of membership as follows:

a) Active Members.  Active Members (“Active Members”) shall be such members in good standing who regularly attend and support the church. Active Members have the right to vote in congregational decisions. Active memberships are valid for the duration of the year in which they are taken out and expire at the end of that year’s Annual General Meeting (Annual General Meetings occur in February of the following calendar year. E.g. the 2018 AGM happens in February 2019).


b) Associate Members. Associate Members (“Associate Members”) shall be such members in good standing who may be unable to attend and support the church regularly but who wish to maintain their membership in the church to continue affiliation with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Associate Members may include missionaries or former members who are so situated or whose circumstances are such that they cannot be Active Members of an Alliance Church. Associate memberships shall have no set expiry date but shall be reviewed on an annual basis by the Board of Elders. 


c) Expiring Members.  This class of membership is a temporary class created to facilitate a change in the structure of membership in 2019. Members who received Active Membership status BEFORE January 1, 2019 and who have not renewed their membership prior to the conclusion of the 2018 Annual General Meeting will be moved to the category of Expiring Members. These members shall retain the right to vote in congregational decisions until December 31, 2019. After this date their membership shall be considered terminated. They may recommit to Active Membership at any time through the normal membership application process. (Bylaw (c), Expiring Members, shall be removed from the Bylaws upon the completion of its purpose at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.)


4. Termination of Membership

The Board shall retain the right to terminate any active membership early if the member in question is found to be in violation of the membership covenant and efforts to correct the issue are deemed to be unsuccessful. Termination of membership requires a unanimous vote of the Board of Elders and 30 days written notice to the member.



1. Size of Board

The Board shall have a minimum number of four (4) elected members with a maximum number of eight (8) elected members.


2. Officers

The Board may designate the offices of the Corporation, appoint officers on an annual or more frequent basis, specify their duties and, subject to the Act, delegate to such officers the power to manage the affairs of the Corporation. A director may be appointed to any office of the Corporation. An officer may, but need not be, a director unless these by-laws otherwise provide. Two or more offices may be held by the same person.

a) The office of chair will be by default the Lead Pastor unless he so chooses to nominate another elder to the role. The offices of Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer will be filled from among the remaining members of the Board and will be appointed at the discretion of the Board at their first meeting following elections.

b) With the Board’s unanimous approval, the Treasurer may delegate the administrative duties of the office to the church Bookkeeper. In such a situation the Treasurer would retain fiduciary oversight of the church finances and would report to the Board monthly on the finances of the church.

c) The term of the office of Treasurer shall be two years beginning on April 1 of the year in which they are appointed and ending on March 31 in the year in which their successor is appointed. This is independent of any term of eldership that might be concurrently applicable.


3. Term
The term of office for a member of the Board shall be a two-year term beginning on the day following the annual meeting when the member is elected and ending on the day of the annual meeting in which an election is held two years later.  No member shall be elected to the Board for more than two consecutive terms without being off the Board for at least one year. Special nominations for one-year terms may be brought forward by the Nominating Committee as needed to ensure a system where in any given year one half of the Board will be continuing on as a part of a two-year term.


V. Meetings

1.  Annual Meeting
The annual meeting (the “Annual Meeting”) of the membership of the church shall, subject to any rescheduling necessary due to inclement weather, be held no later than sixty days after the financial year of the church.


2.  Annual Meeting Agenda
In addition to those matters of business required to come before the Annual Meeting by the Constitution, the Annual Meeting agenda shall include the following:

a)  The approval of the agenda for the meeting.

b)  The receiving of minutes from the previous Annual Meeting.

c)  The presentation and approval of the annual budget for the ensuing year.

d)  Such other business as may be in keeping with the Constitution and these by-laws.


3.  Special Meeting
A special meeting (“Special Meeting”) of the membership for the purpose of conducting business may be called at any time by the Board.


4.  Notice of Meetings
Notice of any Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the membership shall be given by:


a)  Publication of the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting in a weekly bulletin handout and/or by posting of such notice on a bulletin board in a public area of the church building or by delivery of a copy of the notice to the designated mailboxes in the church building of the members on a sufficient number of Sundays immediately prior to the meeting as shall be required to give fourteen days notice from the date of the first publication, posting, or delivery to the date of the meeting, and


b) Announcement of the date, time, place and purpose of the meeting during a regular Sunday Service at least two Sundays immediately prior to the meeting.


5. Quorum  

A quorum of any duly called Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the church membership shall consist of such Active Members present which shall be not less than two times the size of the Board.


6. Vote

Subject to article X., business shall be conducted by a majority vote of those members present.



The Nominating Committee shall consist of four Active Members in addition to the Lead Pastor.



The financial year end of the church shall be December 31st of each year.



Funds designated for a certain project or ministry will be used for that project or ministry. The donor gives the Board of Elders authority to use any undesignated funds for General Fund purposes as it sees fit.



All cheques over the sum of $2,000.00 must be signed by two Active Members authorized by the Board to sign cheques, at least one of whom shall be the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer of the Board.  All other cheques may be signed by the Treasurer or any other Active Members so authorized by the Board to sign cheques.



Any questions of legal procedure not specifically governed by the Constitution and these by-laws shall be determined by reference to the latest edition of Roberts Rules of Order.



These by-laws may be amended from time to time at any Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the membership by a majority vote of those Active Members present provided the members receive notice of the proposed changes at least fourteen days prior to the meeting. Notice shall be deemed to have been given when notice of the meeting in compliance with article V.4. of these by-laws has been made and the proposed changes have been posted in a public area of the church building or by delivery of a copy of the purposed changes to the designated mailboxes in the church building of the members at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.

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